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Our Origin Story

Simpatico Studios began in 2011 as a freelance web design and digital marketing consultancy, with founding partners Jill and Steve Whiskeyman at the helm. Our partners parlayed their years of work in consumer packaged goods, publishing, journalism, broadcast and telecommunications into big results for a modest client roster. A few bite-size small business marketing projects became enterprise-level, B2B marketing engagements. Soon, the work was enough to demand full-time attention, and in the little town of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, Simpatico Studios was born.
In the years since, Simpatico Studios has scaled to a steady dozen roles—plus a formidable and skilled subcontractor network—and evolved from a digital agency into a full-service Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) agency. Today, we proudly serve B2B clients of all sizes, and at virtually all stages, around the corner from our central Bucks County, Pennsylvania headquarters and around the world, as far as Eastern Europe and Singapore. Our founding partners remain at Mission Control, and have steered the studio to consecutive record-setting years.
We specialize in niche segments of six key B2B verticals:
  • Healthcare: Life Sciences & Medical Practices
  • Education: Special Needs & Early Childhood
  • Manufacturing: B2B, Industrial & Consumer Goods
  • Finance: Private Equity, Insurance, CFP® & RIAs
  • Real Estate: Investment, Commercial & Residential
  • Consulting: Independent Advisors, Corporate Coaches & Team Builders
We’re most proud of the people-centric business we’ve built—and we can’t wait to put our good people to work for you.

The Simpatico Studios

Standard of Excellence

1. ‘Good enough’ isn’t good enough.
2. The work better be better than what they can do.
3. If the work can't be defended with evidence, it's indefensible.

Our Founders

Jill Whiskeyman

Jill Whiskeyman
CEO & Co-Founder

If you’ve worked with Simpatico, you have worked with Jill.

Day-to-day, Jill continues to drive productivity and seek out new opportunities for Simpatico’s global client roster. Her achievements in a decade of B2B, consumer and corporate communications rival what many of her peers have accomplished in two. Some of Jill’s major work includes rebranding multiple global pharmaceutical companies, and transforming a set of fledgling consumer eCommerce websites into a profitable business unit. Jill has forged partnerships with Fortune 500 retailers including Walmart, Lowe’s, Home Depot and Amazon, and has held P&L accountability for multiple agencies and brands. She has also led strategic initiatives for dozens of B2B industrial and Life Sciences companies.

Under Jill’s leadership, businesses have doubled and tripled their performance for major business-level and digital marketing KPIs. Her professional interests include branding, eCommerce, UI/UX design, market research and strategic planning.

Jill holds a Master of Science in Integrated Marketing Communications from West Virginia University and a BA in English and Digital Communications from Lebanon Valley College, where she graduated with Honors. She is a Certified Marketing Consultant through the eMarketing Association.

Connect With Jill

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Steve Whiskeyman

Steve Whiskeyman
Co-Founder & Managing Partner

Steve’s forte is wielding narrative principles to drive business.

His varied interests and voracious curiosity drive the creative direction and continued growth of the studio. As an award-winning communications executive with experience in CPG, Fortune 500, publishing, ad agency, media, startup and turn-around environments, Steve’s Rolodex includes consumer megabrands such as Bayer and Preen, B2B industrial and Life Sciences firms, dozens of ad agencies, and countless owner-operated businesses. He brings a pragmatic, integrated and detail-driven philosophy to Simpatico’s campaign work. His experience is multichannel and includes a mix of content marketing, sweepstakes, programmatic display, email, search, social, print media and more.

Steve is an avid networker and community volunteer and has held seats on industry consortiums and committees. His professional interest areas include content, narrative, emerging channels, digital marketing, analytics, coding and interactivity.

Steve holds a Master of Fine Arts from Chatham University in Pittsburgh and a BA in English and Digital Communications from Lebanon Valley College. He is a Certified Marketing Consultant through the eMarketing Association.

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The SimpatiCrew

Craig Anderson

Craig Anderson
Vice President, Production Services & Shareholder

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Rick Hain

Rick Hain
Vice President, Finance & Operations & Shareholder

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Rebecca Hachey

Rebecca Hachey
Vice President, Technology & Shareholder

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Braxton Kocher

Braxton Kocher
Senior Account Planner / Producer

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Megan Gryziec

Megan Gryziec
Production Manager

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Grace Marchione

Grace Marchione
Advertising Copy Specialist

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