Get to Know the SimpatiCrew – Laura (9/11)

Get to Know the SimpatiCrew – Laura (9/11)

This is the ninth installment of interviews with the Crew members of Simpatico Studios. The interviews were conducted by Veronica Mattaboni, your kindly narrator and interviewer.

Laura Halsel, Production Designer

aka Law-ruh, not LORE-ah

Laura sits at her new desk upstairs in the art department with Braxton, Craig, and Jules. Laura has no previous knowledge of these questions, as she began her first day at Simpatico only the day before this interview.

VM: How would you define the Laura Brand™?

LH: Quirky? Bright? Colorful? Warm? Fluid? I dunno. Never been asked that before.

VM: What are some things that are characteristically you?

LH: Oh gosh… I’m a lesbian? She laughs. Oh, and I’m adopted.

VM: What’s your favorite song right now?

LH: It’s called Feeling by Phantom. It’s not indie, it’s like… sort of techy? I don’t know. It’s just really chill music. It’s mood music.

VM: Do you consider yourself a good gift giver and what was the last gift you got someone?

LH: Yes. I gave my girlfriend flowers, just to remind her I appreciate her.

VM: If you could teach a class on literally anything, what would it be and why?

LH: It actually would be on dogs; the behaviors of dogs and training them. I love dogs, but it’s frustrating seeing how owners treat their dogs. Not just abusing them, even small things like keeping them in the house all day. I’d pick pets over people any day. She chuckles.

VM: What’s your all-time favorite tv show?

LH: As of right now, I’d say The Middle (or Spongebob).

VM: Describe one good thing that happened recently.

LH: I got this job. I also actually moved out my parents house. My parents are moving to Oregon. I live in Hellertown now, down the street from their current house.

VM: What’s your favorite thing you’ve ever made with your hands?

LH: How long has it been since I’ve done something with my hands… My friend and I made this go kart out of wood. It wasn’t very good, but we made it. It was awesome. It broke, but, you know. I miss those days. I feel like life gets in the way of being imaginative or creative. It’s sad.

VM: If you had to pick a new name for yourself what would it be?

LH: Something hardcore like… Payton. No, that’s a cute name… ummm… I don’t know. Something cool. Not american either. I think something Thai. It would be cool to have a Thai name.

VM: Tell me something I don’t know!

LH: This is easy, my favorite color is red.

Jules, from her desk, chimes in.

JF: C’mon. Try a little harder

LH: My teeth are fake—no, I’m kidding! I went skydiving two years ago. I have a tattoo of the vintage apple logo on my ankle. Any of those work?

VM: Yeah, I think you’re good.

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