Get to Know the SimpatiCrew – Megan (4/11)

Get to Know the SimpatiCrew – Megan (4/11)

This is the fourth installment of interviews with the Crew members of Simpatico Studios. The interviews were conducted by Veronica Mattaboni, your kindly narrator and interviewer.

Megan Gryziec, Production Coordinator

aka Responsible Person™, aka Meg

Craig went to lunch during his allotted interview time, forcing Meg to do hers first—but not before psyching her out about ‘how hard it’s gonna be’. Meg sits at her newly minted desk that she’s had for a little over a week. She is thoroughly nervous and thoroughly prepared for this interview with thought-out answers and a Let’s Get This Over With attitude.

VM: How would you define the Meg Brand™?

MG: It would definitely be inclusive. The best of both worlds…sweet and spicy. ‘Cause I was thinking about how, me personally, for an example, I’m very particular about certain things and then very carefree about others. I don’t think if you don’t like one thing, you can’t like another. You don’t need to have a reason why you like things.

VM: What are some things that are characteristically you?

MG: Little antique stores that you run into, a greenhouse on the side of a road, a dessert tray at a restaurant. Flowers, herbs, plants. A 90s sweatshirt with cats on it.

VM: What’s your favorite song right now?

MG: Houses in Motion by Talking Heads. I’m also really into the Micro Therapy station on Spotify. It’s very comforting and relaxing while my brain is working super fast.

VM: Do you consider yourself a good gift giver and what was the last gift you got someone?

MG: I do. I really like giving gifts. I like to see the person’s reaction; it makes me feel good. Most recently, I bought my boyfriend a gigantic lego set of the Apollo space station. It made him really happy.

VM: If you could teach a class on literally anything, what would it be and why?

MG: Integrating alternative healthcare practices into everyday life, like aromatherapy or adaptogens. I’ve been really into that stuff since I lived in New York. I’m always looking for something new that I haven’t found a remedy for yet. It’s neat to see what works and what doesn’t. I’ve put some things into practice and they’ve helped me. I would share that knowledge.

VM: What’s your all-time favorite TV show?

MG: Twin Peaks, because I love David Lynch. There’s just something about that show. It’s all-encompassing.

VM: Describe one good thing that happened recently.

MG: This isn’t kissing ass, but the best thing to happen recently is getting this job. I was really looking for some purpose in the workforce. I can’t just take a job for the money. I feel good about what I’m doing now. Definitely the best and most recent development in my life.

VM: What’s your favorite thing you’ve ever made with your hands?

MG: That’s got to be a black and white picture that I developed myself in a dark room. I developed the film to print the image and everything. It’s something they don’t teach anymore, so it’s special to me that I had the opportunity to do that. I have all these prints I can say I made.

VM: If you had to pick a new name for yourself what would it be?

MG: I would definitely pick something fun. When I was a child, I loved Ginger from Gilligan’s Island and it was the name of my first pet rabbit, so I would go with Ginger.

VM: Tell me something I don’t know!

MG: Well, I just found out that otters like to juggle rocks and scientists don’t really know why. It’s pretty cute to watch.

Meg later revealed to me that she is also a passionate bird watcher, which I thought was pretty rad.

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