Get to Know the SimpatiCrew – Julianne (8/11)

Get to know the Simpaticrew – Julianne (8/11)

This is the eighth installment of interviews with the Crew members of Simpatico Studios. The interviews were conducted during Jule’s first week by Veronica Mattaboni, your kindly narrator and interviewer.

Julianne Feldman, Senior Graphic Designer

aka Jules, aka Spooky Mulder

Jules sits at her brand new desk that she’s only been at for a few days, sitting in the big comfy leather chair that’s all for her.

VM: How would you define the Jules Brand™?

JF: Probably minimal. Definitely some quirky, unique aspects tossed in there. Very punny.

VM: Do you make a lot of puns?

JF: I do. I try to. They’re usually very bad.

VM: What are some things that are characteristically you?

JF: First and foremost, I would have to say the pink hair. She gestures to her ombre pink hair. It’s kind of become a thing. Sarcasm. And if I were to ask my friends and family, they would probably say quirky which I think is just a nice way of saying strange.

VM: What’s your favorite song right now?

JF: So this was really tough, but I went with Diana Ross’s I’m Coming Out. I really like to sing and make a fool of myself when I’m driving in my car, and it’s one of my favorite songs to put on.

She then went on to sing a bit for me, and it was killer.

VM: Do you consider yourself a good gift giver and what was the last gift you got someone?

JF: I do. When I’m giving a gift or making a gift, I try to  be very thoughtful. I gave a cookie jar shaped like a stack of donuts to my friend Suzie, who loves donuts.

VM: If you could teach a class on literally anything, what would it be and why?

JF: So I chose a cooking class, because I’ll use any excuse to be around food.

VM: Would you say food is very important to you?

JF: Absolutely. All kinds. I’ll try anything once.

VM: What’s your all-time favorite tv show?

JF: All right, this one was so tough and I couldn’t do just one, so I have three: Parks and Rec, X Files, and Lost.


We share a soul-bonding geek-out moment over the iconic master piece that is the X Files.

VM: Describe one good thing that happened recently.

JF: This was the easiest question, and the answer is getting this job, for sure. I do really like it. It’s so refreshing from my last job. Totally different spectrum.

VM: What’s your favorite thing you’ve ever made with your hands?

JF: All right, so my favorite thing I ever made was a gift, and no one will know what it is unless they’ve seen the first season of Dexter. I bought my ex-boyfriend a watch and I recreated the arm in the ice block from Dexter to display the watch on when I gave it to him. I got fake acrylic nails and painted them and everything.

VM: That’s hella creepy and I love it.

JF: Thank you.

VM: If you had to pick a new name for yourself what would it be?

JF: So this was tough. Honestly, probably just have to go with my nickname Jules. I think Julianne has too many syllables.

VM: Tell me something I don’t know!

JF: Okay so when I was three, my grandfather took me to church for the first time. It was the part where you go up with the holy water and I had never been to church. I didn’t know what to do, so I cupped the water in my hands and took a sip. I’ve never heard my grandfather yell until I drank the holy water. He refused to ever take me back to church again. #blessed

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