Cutting the Ribbon in Philly

Hey, Philly!

Just call us Mike & Mike, because we’re back and better than ever.

And, by the looks of things, just in time. It’s 2016. Besides being happy and new, this also is the year of digital, so says the Wall Street Journal. Businesses will spend more in the next 12 months on Internet marketing than any other promotional channel. First time. Ever. It’s not just advertising trivia. It’s the new reality of marketing success. That means we’ve got work to do, and so do you. We’ve gotta get started.


Wait, you say.Why do I need Simpatico?

It’s not only that we’ve got coding, copywriting and creative chops. We’re digital natives, true (read: we aren’t figuring it out on your dime). We’re fine artists and skilled storytellers. But more importantly — more practically — we’ve got over 40 combined years in the advertising business. I point to the results we’ve produced building global pharmaceutical and medical technology firms, and marketing semiconductors, and developing major consumer brands, and consulting with literally dozens of small businesses. For a midsize B2B marketing studio, it’s an unparalleled arsenal. We intend to waste none of it, time nor talent.

Nor will we lose sight of what matters most. Before we are consultants and artists, we are neighbors in a thriving business community. Our Brighter Ideas, Brighter Futures program commits a percentage of every campaign to Philadelphia-area nonprofits. You read that right. Already, our clients, just by investing in their own brands, are benefiting children who learn differently, dementia patients and their caregivers, and survivors of trauma and abuse. We like to say our growth isn’t for growth’s sake, but for goodness’ sake. It’s a perspective most of our competitors don’t share, and that’s fine. We proudly count it among our differentiators. (Got a worthy recipient group in mind? Please nominate them for a partnership.)

Speaking of partnerships:

I’ve had the privilege of consulting on behalf of AdTaxi Networks here in Philly for the better part of the last 15 months. It was time well spent. I can attest firsthand to the caliber of AdTaxi’s campaign machine and the value of their methodology, but these things, I think, are self-evident. What’s less discernible, but ultimately more significant, is its human capital. At AdTaxi I worked among great artists, bright analysts and tenacious salespeople. While many, like me, are now alumni, this fact remains: AdTaxi is the company it is today thanks to the hard work of good people.

And—because in the ad business, your people are all you’ve really got—those good people can count on our support in the years to come. That’s why we’ve chosen to partner with AdTaxi this year. Great ad creative meets great ad science. It’s just good business.

I should mention when we mapped out our 2016 Business Development Plan, we challenged ourselves with a central question: Why do business leaders lie awake at night? And in pondering the possible answers, we shared a revelation. The things that keep our clients up are the very things that keep us up. Which is to say, the leaders who entrust us with their brands have placed in our hands their reputations, their investments, and in many cases, their life’s work. It’s true that in client services, many agencies shudder at the thought of late hours (indeed, many shutter at 5 on-the-dot). Us? Our 10 p.m. coffee is a toast to their sacrifice. Those businesses make this studio possible. We say, let the candles burn late in our studio windows.

In May, Simpatico turns five. That’s a milestone we march proudly toward. But we won’t get there by coasting. We’ll work, to paraphrase Mark Cuban, like we’ve got everything to lose. By producing for our clients not merely mindful communications, but meaningful ones. That’s why we’ll win. And so will you.

P.S. We just cut the ribbon in Philly. Check out our partner bios and while you’re at it, let us know when you’re available for coffee, would you?

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