Get to Know the SimpatiCrew – Craig (5/11)

Get to Know the SimpatiCrew – Craig (5/11)

This is the fifth installment of interviews with the Crew members of Simpatico Studios. The interviews are conducted by Veronica Mattaboni, your kindly narrator and interviewer.

Craig Anderson, VP of Production Services

aka Big Cat, aka Craigers

Craig sits at his rather large desk, in his rather blue shirt, extremely prepared for this interview he did not want to do. He is holding two pages worth of notes that he wrote up and printed special for this occasion, single spaced.


VM: How would you define the Craig Brand™?

CA: Well, it’s funny you ask. He says, reading off his pre-printed notes. I once took a tour of the Jack Daniels facility. I learned how they make whiskey. It’s filtered through 12 ft of charcoal, collected at the bottom and aged for 8 years. Like whiskey, I am well aged, sophisticated and handcrafted.

VM: Handcrafted? Who handcrafted you?

CA: …My mom. He chuckles.

VM: What are some things that are characteristically you?

CA: Looks again at his pre-written answers. That’s a very good question; I’m glad you asked that. Like my big desk, I’ve always been big in size. I’m a dedicated employee. I don’t like to toot my own horn, but if I have to, I have always been very creative. I’ve been artistic as long as I can remember.

VM: What’s your favorite song right now?

CA: That’s a hard question. I love classic rock and anything 80s. There are so many songs I listen to daily, but there’s always one I crank up, and thats Hells Bells by AC/DC.

VM: Do you consider yourself a good gift giver and what was the last gift you got someone?

CA: Well I might, but you’ll have to ask the receiver. I think I’m a decent gift giver, and if I know when someone likes something, I am good about remembering it and storing it in my brain for special occasions.

VM: If you could teach a class on literally anything, what would it be and why?

CA: Looking over his notes with a furrowed brow. Uh oh, here we go… teach a class… You know, this was a question that was hard to answer at first. I know a little bit about everything and I’m not really a master at any one thing, but I would teach how to properly landscape a lawn. Things like how to pick the right plants and flowers for different heights or when’s the right time to prune stuff ,etc.. How’s that? He laughs.

VM: What’s your all-time favorite tv show?

CA: There’s so many, but one that I always have to stop and watch is Seinfeld. It’s literally a show about nothing and it cracks me up and I can quote whole episodes.

VM: Describe one good thing that happened recently.

CA: Well so much happens; each week is different. This particular week, I applied and got accepted for a permit to carry a gun license and joined a gun club. I’m looking forward to target shooting.

VM: What’s your favorite thing you’ve ever made with your hands?

CA: When I was in college, my parents moved to where they are now, and after I worked all day and came home, I would take my dad’s truck and collect field stone. I’d take it back to their house and I built and cemented a retaining wall with it. Whenever someone comes by they always get compliments on it. I think it would be that.

(An image of Craig’s magnificent retaining wall.)

VM: If you had to pick a new name for yourself what would it be?

CA: It would definitely be Big Cat. It’s a name that was given to me in high school by some teammates and it’s stuck with me. I would legally change it to Big Cat.

VM: Tell me something I don’t know!

CA: You might know it, but other people don’t. I really like history and wars. Over the years I’ve collected a bunch of military memorabilia. I just love military stuff. I’ve got several relatives that have served.


After finishing the interview:

VM: How was that? Not too bad, I hope.

CA: It wasn’t bad, but if I didn’t have these notes I probably would’ve died.

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People — Why They’re Actually Great

Simpatico Studios is all about our people. There is nothing more important to us than the SimpatiCrew, which is comprised almost entirely of people (shout out to Tucker and Oscar, our resident four-legged SimpatiCrew members).

Here are 10 reasons why people are so important to us:

1 – People do everything: How much work would get done if we had no people?
(And don’t say robots, because people build the robots that build the other robots.)

Everything that ever gets done is done because of people. Not to mention people can whistle while they work, can a robot do that?

2-10 – See number 1


So you see, we’ve done the science and the results are in: people are really really great!  Now, *clears throat and stands on soapbox*  we’d like to dedicate this time to talk about how people are our greatest strength.

No, but for real though. The SimpatiCrew are the most important aspect of Simpatico, for so many reasons. We truly believe that a business is only as good as its Crew. We strive to align company goals with each of the Crew’s individual goals, so the success of the company is everyone’s success. The company only grows when our Crew grows—both professionally and personally. This belief is at the core of how we operate and everything we do here.

We could throw out stats like: organizations with high employee engagement outperform those with low employee engagement by 202% (Business2Community), or that disengaged employees cost organizations between $450 and $550 billion annually (The Engagement Institute), but in reality, this matters to us because it’s the right thing to do. We need to offer the best possible experience for our Crew because our people are people first, team members second.

It’s one thing saying that we care, it’s another to prove it with action. That’s why we dedicate time to making sure that we highlight and recognize when our team does exceptional work. As part of this ongoing effort, we will begin announcing the Most Valuable Crew award, a monthly award given for dedication and excellence, right here on The Fine Print*.

This award is given to the Crew member who had an A+ month where everything just went aces. The awarded Crew member did work that set them apart and the winner deserves to know that we noticed. Without further ado, our Most Valuable Crew member for the month of June goes to: Braxton Kocher! Congratulations to Braxton for having an amazing month and representing the company and himself so brilliantly at DIA 2018! All hail Braxton!

This concludes our regularly scheduled programming. If you’re looking for more on why people are a business’s most valuable asset, check out this lovely article from our friends at Forbes: Employee Satisfaction Is An Inside Job. Stay tuned!

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