We’re Your SharpSpring Gold Certified Partner

If you’ll allow us a humble self-pat-on-the-back, we’d like to announce that Simpatico Studios is now a SharpSpring Gold Level Certified Partner.

Now that we’ve completed SharpSpring’s rigorous training and exam process, we’ve been awarded the Gold Level Certified Partner for our marketing automation prowess. After years of using SharpSpring’s full-featured marketing automation capabilities to help clients drive more leads and convert more sales, track campaigns, run social media and digest analytics, it feels good to know our expertise is finally official.

Marketing automation is an amazing tool to nurture leads with personalized content that’s easy to manage. Using automation to make repetitive marketing tasks, like sending out eblasts to a list that’s 700 names long or publishing blog posts at specific times chosen for best organic reach, is an integral part of the future of marketing—and Simpatico will be at the forefront of that future.

Thanks for taking this journey with us. It’s only up from here!

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It’s Here: Watch the Trailer for Simpatico’s 2019 Summit Destination

Tourism video, or trailer for #SimSummit19—Simpatico Studios’ 4th Annual Executive Meeting & Top Producers’ Trip? Well, what kind of agency would we be if it wasn’t both?

(WATCH NOW: ▶️ https://youtu.be/fsRKopkR5JE)

Now if you’re unacquainted with Simpatico, I know what you must be thinking: “World Travel? Is this really what I’m paying you to do?”

We’re glad you asked.

To understand what you ARE paying for when you hire Simpatico, you ought to first understand what you’re NOT paying for.

Simpatico Studios is not:

  • Another pair of greedy agency owners or consultants looking to siphon every last dime out of our business.
  • Down with treating our clients like ATMs.
  • Cool with using slight-of-hand to trap businesses into outrageous, unfair agreements.
  • Weighed down by do-nothing Executive Leadership.
  • Satisfied that work goals and life goals are necessarily exclusive to one another.
  • Sold that creative talent does their best work when they’re told to just be grateful for their paycheck.

We structured Simpatico around the bold notion that a tight-knit team of well-vetted, properly incentivized creative people can do circles around bloated, ultra-expensive ad conglomerates and consultants.

Key phrase there is “properly incentivized.” How does an ad agency properly incentivize its people, exactly?

Simple: By asking them what they want.

At on-boarding, that’s what we do. Some want more creative freedom. Some want more flex time. But a resounding commonality with each batch of hires has been wanderlust—a profound longing to get out there and see the world.

So we decided to give them an opportunity to do just that.

You can argue with the premise, but one thing’s indisputable: what an agency puts back into its people can tell you a lot about the level of service and quality of workmanship you can expect.

Because, at the end of the day, our people are also your people. And the best way to keep people’s attention where it belongs—on YOU—is, we think, to ensure they don’t have to worry about their health, or feeling stuck in a dead-end job, or when their next great vacation will be—or a single thing besides your needs, really.

Your business needs sterling workmanship and concierge-caliber service from its marketing partner—and so, in kind, Simpatico, your marketing partner, reinvests your budget into its people.

Will our method bear out in the long haul? Jury’s out.

But what I can share already is this: By the close of 2018, we’ll have realized double-digit-or-greater growth for the third consecutive year—not thanks to raiding entire budgets, obligating companies to absurd contract terms, or being anywhere near the most expensive agency our size, but thanks to our people.

So, yeah, we think we’re on to something. And yeah, your investment contributes to the annual Summit trip—the ultimate incentive our people can earn—as well as the rest of our awesome team’s awesome benefits.

All of which is why we can do more to grow your business or brand than any other shop our size, why we expect to shatter records again in 2019, and why, ultimately, we’ll come out on top.

See you at the Summit.


Marketing Executive? Book your free 30-minute phone consult here: https://Calendly.com/Simpatico/Start

Small Business Owner? Schedule your 2019 Marketing Strategy Session here (rates reduced through 12/15): https://Calendly.com/Simpatico/SmallBizStrategy

[Music Credit: Discovery Channel — Theme of “Life” (2010)]

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Cutting the Ribbon in Philly

Hey, Philly!

Just call us Mike & Mike, because we’re back and better than ever.

And, by the looks of things, just in time. It’s 2016. Besides being happy and new, this also is the year of digital, so says the Wall Street Journal. Businesses will spend more in the next 12 months on Internet marketing than any other promotional channel. First time. Ever. It’s not just advertising trivia. It’s the new reality of marketing success. That means we’ve got work to do, and so do you. We’ve gotta get started.


Wait, you say.Why do I need Simpatico?

It’s not only that we’ve got coding, copywriting and creative chops. We’re digital natives, true (read: we aren’t figuring it out on your dime). We’re fine artists and skilled storytellers. But more importantly — more practically — we’ve got over 40 combined years in the advertising business. I point to the results we’ve produced building global pharmaceutical and medical technology firms, and marketing semiconductors, and developing major consumer brands, and consulting with literally dozens of small businesses. For a midsize B2B marketing studio, it’s an unparalleled arsenal. We intend to waste none of it, time nor talent.

Nor will we lose sight of what matters most. Before we are consultants and artists, we are neighbors in a thriving business community. Our Brighter Ideas, Brighter Futures program commits a percentage of every campaign to Philadelphia-area nonprofits. You read that right. Already, our clients, just by investing in their own brands, are benefiting children who learn differently, dementia patients and their caregivers, and survivors of trauma and abuse. We like to say our growth isn’t for growth’s sake, but for goodness’ sake. It’s a perspective most of our competitors don’t share, and that’s fine. We proudly count it among our differentiators. (Got a worthy recipient group in mind? Please nominate them for a partnership.)

Speaking of partnerships:

I’ve had the privilege of consulting on behalf of AdTaxi Networks here in Philly for the better part of the last 15 months. It was time well spent. I can attest firsthand to the caliber of AdTaxi’s campaign machine and the value of their methodology, but these things, I think, are self-evident. What’s less discernible, but ultimately more significant, is its human capital. At AdTaxi I worked among great artists, bright analysts and tenacious salespeople. While many, like me, are now alumni, this fact remains: AdTaxi is the company it is today thanks to the hard work of good people.

And—because in the ad business, your people are all you’ve really got—those good people can count on our support in the years to come. That’s why we’ve chosen to partner with AdTaxi this year. Great ad creative meets great ad science. It’s just good business.

I should mention when we mapped out our 2016 Business Development Plan, we challenged ourselves with a central question: Why do business leaders lie awake at night? And in pondering the possible answers, we shared a revelation. The things that keep our clients up are the very things that keep us up. Which is to say, the leaders who entrust us with their brands have placed in our hands their reputations, their investments, and in many cases, their life’s work. It’s true that in client services, many agencies shudder at the thought of late hours (indeed, many shutter at 5 on-the-dot). Us? Our 10 p.m. coffee is a toast to their sacrifice. Those businesses make this studio possible. We say, let the candles burn late in our studio windows.

In May, Simpatico turns five. That’s a milestone we march proudly toward. But we won’t get there by coasting. We’ll work, to paraphrase Mark Cuban, like we’ve got everything to lose. By producing for our clients not merely mindful communications, but meaningful ones. That’s why we’ll win. And so will you.

P.S. We just cut the ribbon in Philly. Check out our partner bios and while you’re at it, let us know when you’re available for coffee, would you?

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Our Portfolio Grows

Weinschel Associates is a leading manufacturer of Broadband and RF products for commercial and military markets worldwide. They’re also a Simpatico Interactive client. Today, we’re pleased to share details about the website two teams have collaborated on for nearly a year.

(The following press release has been syndicated in major industry publications such as Microwave Journal).

GAITHERSBURG, Md. — Weinschel Associates, a leading manufacturer of broadband RF and microwave products, today announced the launch of its redesigned, state-of-the-art website (http://weinschelassociates.com). The launch is the culmination of months of market research, design and engineering. Weinschel Associates has taken a customer-centric approach to the redesign process, determining core features based on market demand and the results of formal usability studies.

This professionally built website boasts an interactive catalog with a fully integrated, easy-to-use custom quote request system (http://weinschelassociates.com/store).

“For our customers, the quoting process is an everyday and often urgent need,” said Frank Wodoslawsky, President and CEO. “Needs vary and markets fluctuate. The choice to offer a streamlined quote request solution is our way of recognizing that.”

The Weinschel Associates website now employs a database-driven product catalog. The entire catalog is searchable, and each product’s specifications can be customized. The new Request for Quote, or RFQ, feature, behaves like an e-commerce system.

“It’s similar to shopping with Amazon,” said Wodoslawsky. “Find your product, fine-tune it to your needs, then submit your quote request to the same team you know and have worked with for years.”

“Our customers can skip thumbing through a print catalog and writing an email,” Wodoslawsky added.

The website is live and Weinschel Associates is accepting online quote requests immediately. Customers can get started at http://weinschelassociates.com/store. While customers can register via the website, Weinschel Associates offers the option to check out anonymously, without creating an account – another measure to save customers time.

For the project, Weinschel Associates selected as its agency of record Bethlehem, Pa.-based design studio Simpatico Interactive. Simpatico Interactive has been designing and building websites for over 10 years. The studio specializes in usability and e-commerce.

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We’ve moved! And we didn’t even ask to borrow your truck!

Friends: Just a note to update the address book for your ol’ (new?) pal, Simpatico Interactive. Our studio now lives at 60 W. Broad Street, Suite 98, Bethlehem, Pa. 18018.

A big thanks to Matt MacDonald and our friends at Dunn Twiggar Company, LLC, for offering a prime downtown location.

Still got some marketingy things on your to-do list? Let’s sit down together. We love company. To make an appointment, you can still reach us toll-free at 1-844-STAR-411, or send your ideas and goals to info [at] simpaticostudios [dot] com.

As always, we look forward to growing together.

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Simpatico Studios Client Appears on The Rachel Ray Show

BREINIGSVILLE, Pa. — What if Rachael Ray wanted to surprise you with a room remodel, then shoot a Thanksgiving-week special from your house alongside Regis Philbin? She’d need some home makeover artillery, like John Gidding from HGTV’s “Curb Appeal” — and Paul Giacalone of Lehigh Valley-based Giacalone Construction.

When he heard the news, Giacalone knew it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

“I got the call and just said ‘Yes’ instantly,” said Giacalone, owner and project manager.

Not that there was much time to think about it. The call came from the ABC show’s executive producer on Wednesday, Nov. 7. Work was scheduled to start Saturday. Rachael and Regis would be on-site the following Tuesday to shoot. Fortunately, for Giacalone and his crew, working on a tight time-frame  is nothing unusual.

“We’re used to being up against the clock,” said Giacalone.

Small wonder, then, that Giacalone can boast about top-tier ratings on Angie’s List. Prior to Nov. 10, though, what he couldn’t boast about was his website.  And he knew The Rachael Ray Show viewers needed a way to reach him.

“I needed a website like I need referrals. I didn’t want to miss out on that new business.”

To ensure he didn’t, Giacalone turned to Bethlehem-based web design and marketing strategy studio simpatico* Interactive. In the span of a weekend, the team moved from planning and design concepts to a live, customized website.

“Simpatico was great to work with,” said Giacalone. “They were incredibly responsive to my needs. I feel ready for the publicity now.”

Giacalone Construction appears Wednesday, Nov. 21 at 10:00 a.m. on ABC’s The Rachael Ray Show. See the episode on the show’s website or read about it on The Morning Call.

Specializing in home improvement, general contractor Giacalone Construction serves the greater Lehigh Valley area of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and the greater New York area. Some of their more popular services include patios, basement finishing, and kitchen and bathroom remodeling. Giacalone Construction is top-rated on Angie’s List and has been seen on ABC’s The Rachael Ray Show. Inquire about your next project at http://giacaloneconstruction.com/contact.

simpatico* Interactive serves the web design, marketing communications and IT needs of an eclectic portfolio of clients in an array of industries and sectors, including construction, health and wellness, B2B and independent artist.The team also sits on the Lehigh Valley Children’s Centers Development Committee alongside PPL Electric Utilities, Air Products, Just Born Candies and others. Inquire about your web design or advertising needs at http://simpaticointeractive.com.

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A Birthday Card

One year ago, we decided to stop daydreaming about building our own media company and actually do it. It was a leap decades in the making, and overdue by as many years.

By the time it launched, Simpatico Studios already had deep roots in digital media. We’d been coding since 1996, when the Web remained in its relative infancy, moving from single machines and C++ to networks, database design and early specifications of HTML. Copywriting began with a pencil. Design work was pixel-by-pixel. Opportunity was small. But during those years, we discovered a passion for the craft.

The way forward wasn’t paved by a muse alone, though. Our founding partners have been employed in virtually every sector of the media: broadcast, newspapers, publishing, magazines, consumer packaging, email marketing, social, SEO, eCommerce, usability, interface design, and mobile marketing. We’ve worked with businesses local and global—businesses as small as start-ups, and as large as the Fortune 100. In the agency world, there are lots of small teams of 20-somethings. But there aren’t many that can say that.

Of course, all the media gigs in the world couldn’t satiate the itch to make something out of nothing, and in May 2011, the inevitable happened: Simpatico Studios. And what is Simpatico? We’re the Web Presence Company. Our specialty is crafting unforgettable digital media and deploying it online wherever the heck it benefits you most. We’re proud to be working for clients across the spectrum, from playwright to engineering firm, from dermatologist to yoga studio.

So what’s next? Big things, if we have anything to say about it. We’ll keep you posted via Twitter. You might also like us on Facebook (by the way, if you’re among the first 150 who do, you could win one of three $25 Visa gift cards). Got a question about online marketing? Say hi and let us know how we can help.

The past year has been a good one, but it was only the first of many. As always, we look forward to growing together. Onward and upward.

— Steve

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