A Culture Plan

If we’re nearing football season (and we are—15 days until the first regular season game), we’re nearing the end of summer. By itself, a second summer in business feels like an accomplishment. But the milestones we’ve reached, and they are plenty, aren’t purely symbolic.

We did a lot of work, work that added up to big things for our clients. A dream website was built from scratch. Core values were visualized to form a brand identity. We conducted a usability study that was international in scope. It can’t be overstated: This is big stuff. We continue to learn from the challenges our clients present us, and the result is a level of collaboration—a level of innovation, I’d even say—we never could have dreamed of. To be sure, we dreamed big when we first got our feet wet in freelance land. But to have gotten this far is, to say the least, humbling. Our clients are the reason we are where we are, and they have our gratitude.

While we’re thanking people for a productive and accomplished summer, we need to acknowledge our vendors. To come by honest and dependable printers, accountants and sign makers is any small studio’s struggle. To come by them all in one town is a small studio’s dream-come-true. We do not take it lightly that we’ve got good people at good companies, right here in Bethlehem, to help keep our cogs oiled and spinning. And to those people: We’ve thanked you second, but you are not secondary by any means.

Internally, we’ve reflected a lot lately not just on how far the studio has come, but what drives us to take it further. What’s the future? We know client services will remain our core, even as we explore proprietary ways to grow and innovate. But our strategic initiatives make expansion an inevitability. As a studio with hiring goals, we’ve made it a priority to make people a priority. That’s why we’re laying the groundwork not with a business plan, but with a culture plan, because it makes better business sense. (Read about the culture plan concept, authored by Frank Addante at FounderBlog.) And with culture in mind, we’re ready to say this much about the future already: that Simpatico will be a place our people can look forward to on Sunday nights.

We head into Fall humbled, renewed and with work aplenty, all thanks to good people.

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