A Birthday Card

One year ago, we decided to stop daydreaming about building our own media company and actually do it. It was a leap decades in the making, and overdue by as many years.

By the time it launched, Simpatico Studios already had deep roots in digital media. We’d been coding since 1996, when the Web remained in its relative infancy, moving from single machines and C++ to networks, database design and early specifications of HTML. Copywriting began with a pencil. Design work was pixel-by-pixel. Opportunity was small. But during those years, we discovered a passion for the craft.

The way forward wasn’t paved by a muse alone, though. Our founding partners have been employed in virtually every sector of the media: broadcast, newspapers, publishing, magazines, consumer packaging, email marketing, social, SEO, eCommerce, usability, interface design, and mobile marketing. We’ve worked with businesses local and global—businesses as small as start-ups, and as large as the Fortune 100. In the agency world, there are lots of small teams of 20-somethings. But there aren’t many that can say that.

Of course, all the media gigs in the world couldn’t satiate the itch to make something out of nothing, and in May 2011, the inevitable happened: Simpatico Studios. And what is Simpatico? We’re the Web Presence Company. Our specialty is crafting unforgettable digital media and deploying it online wherever the heck it benefits you most. We’re proud to be working for clients across the spectrum, from playwright to engineering firm, from dermatologist to yoga studio.

So what’s next? Big things, if we have anything to say about it. We’ll keep you posted via Twitter. You might also like us on Facebook (by the way, if you’re among the first 150 who do, you could win one of three $25 Visa gift cards). Got a question about online marketing? Say hello and let us know how we can help.

The past year has been a good one, but it was only the first of many. As always, we look forward to growing together. Onward and upward.

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